Innovation Project

Rapid Express Cooling System (RECS)

With our office in the Barossa Valley, Jaymel Airconditioning has fully embraced being part of the local community and an employer in the region. We have engaged with many different businesses in the area specifically in the wine industry and have been busy working on an impressive new project.

After many conversations with winery owners and local growers, it was very quickly discovered that hot vintages continue to be problematic for wine makers when needing to get the fruit at its optimal temperature quickly before crushing. The Jaymel team worked behind the scenes and put their heads together to see if there was a solution to this problem. Within 6 months and significant personal investment, Jaymel designed the Rapid Express Cooling System (RECS) that was built to conquer this winery curse that no one was previously able to defeat.

RECS is fully designed and manufactured in South Australia and has been put through its paces with rigorous on-site testing in many applications, temperature conditions and with various products; not just grapes. As we can all appreciate, when harvest temperatures reach 30°C – 40°C the processing still needs to continue, and the harvest may require quicker processing than ever due to rapid ripening in hot conditions. At these extreme temperatures, to maintain premium fruit and wine quality, refrigeration is required to bring the grapes or must down to a lower temperature to savour the beautiful, fruity aromatics.

Jaymel’s test results show RECS is capable of cooling bunches of handpicked fruit with a core temperature of 37°C to an 8°C core temperature in just 13 minutes, at a processing rate of 3 tons per hour. Comparatively, this fruit would require a minimum of 24-48 hours to be chilled to the same temperature using traditional refrigeration and the cooling consistency is questionable. RECS enables the entire process to flow fluently and with precision, ensuring the winemakers aren’t held over a barrel to process their premium fruit in less than ideal conditions.

RECS is not only utilised for pre-cooling grapes during the heat of vintage, the versatility of the design ensures the machine can be custom-built to suit many applications and processing industries in which harvest during the warmer months in our harsh Australian climate. Industries that RECS can be tailored to include table grapes, tomatoes and different stone fruits. RECS is particularly good at cooling premium and delicate produce such as berries or whole bunch grapes that require gentle handling and that are known for being temperature sensitive. RECS can be installed as a stand-alone piece of equipment and can be designed around an existing processing facility or operate in conjunction with a fully automated processing line in an array of differing applications. Jaymel’s Managing Director, Daniel Caruso, is extremely proud and excited of their achievements with RECS,

The design flexibility coupled with the efficiency and product gains that RECS can provide is incomparable to any other equipment on the market and we believe that RECS is now the new benchmark.” says Daniel.

If you would like to know more about RECS, contact Jaymel Airconditioning to discover the full range of application uses, features and capabilities that it can provide.