Glaetzer Wines

Design and installation of system for stable temperature control in the storage hall.

The major goal on the project was to install a system that could adequately and consistently maintain 16 degrees in the dry goods storage hall for optimal stable wine storage conditions.

On the site there was was minimal power available, so two Climate Wizard units were selected for this project that allowed major power savings for Glaetzer Wines by using the DX cooling.

Climate Wizard annualised performance:

Potential power savings using hourly climate data, as provided by Seeley.

Annual Cooling Requirement100,569 kWh
Annual DX input energy37,590 kWh
Annual Climate Wizard input energy11,191 kWh
Annual input energy savings26,399 kWh
Annual electricity savings @ 28c/kWh$7,392
Annual water usage321 kL
Net annual savings @ $2.50/kL$6,590


Glaetzer Wines


4 Weeks

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