Rockford Wines

Rockford wines are a fine wine producer located in the Barossa Valley that required Chiller upgrades.

Project Overview

Rockford wines are a fine wine producer located in the Barossa Valley. Jaymel was engaged by Rockford Wines to assist in removing some load from an existing, tired Trane Chiller. The existing chiller was not cost effective, nor energy efficient and lacked the capacity to keep up with a demanding vintage Our solution was to install a new Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta iBX/035T and make airflow modifications to the existing chiller. This provided the necessary capacity to keep up with vintage demands and resulted in large financial savings throughout its first quarter in operation. Tight deadlines moving towards vintage and the installation of a new model released by Mitsubishi Electric Australia provided its share of difficulties, but determination prevailed, and our technicians overcame these obstacles to deliver on time.

Equipment Application
The design delivered energy savings with an ‘asset payback’ in mind. Our aims are to provide significant energy reductions thus, creating a capital saving allowing the equipment to economically viable. The Climaveneta iBX air cooled chiller is fitted with a DC-inverter driven compressor. This allows control of the compressor speed to ensure the perfect adaptation to the system load, adjusting to the cooling capacity
needed to reduce power consumption.

The system also runs the storage warehouse cooling, in off-peak, when there is no load from cooling ferments, the inverter technology will come into its own. The ability adjust capacity will ensure this machine will only run at a full capacity when its required.

Final Outcome

  • Greater energy efficiency achieved
  • Existing chiller used as redundancy, and only to operate when necessary during peak vintage capacity
  • Air Flow modifications, as minimal as they are, greatly improved the operation of the Trane
  • Chiller, when it’s operation is warranted. Sheet metal duct assisted in exhausting discharge air upward and away from recirculating through the unit coils.
  • The energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta unit will run throughout the year, drastically reducing energy consumption and providing Rockford Wines with an affordable solution to their capacity issues.


Rockford Wines


4 Weeks

Services Provided

Project Management


Barossa Valley, Tanunda

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